Public Safety: Law Enforcement & Fire Protection


We should be very proud of our record of outstanding public safety in The Woodlands.  With our revenues stabilizing and expenses increasing, our challenge for the future is to maintain this high level of services without unnecessarily increasing taxes.  

Our Fire Department has achieved the highest ISO rating (No. 1) for a number of consecutive years now and grown with the community to maintaining eight (8) Fire Stations as well as an Emergency Training Center.  We provide our Fire Fighters with the safe and modern facilites and equipment to allow them to do the jobs they are trained to do.  Fire chief Alan Benson retired after 14 years and can be credited with many of the Department’s successes.  Finding an appropriate replacement will be on the plate for the new Board, starting in November.  We are grateful that Deptuy Chief Doug Adams has agreed to act as Chief in the interim and he has done an excellent job in that new role.

Law Enforcement in The Woodlands, beyond the county levy officers (25 personnel), is currently provided by contract with the Harris County Constable, District 4 (12 sworn officers), Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (88 sworn officers) and Montgomery County Constable #3 (3 sworn officers).  

In addition to the 25 officers, the counties provide ancillary services (i.e. specialized detectives, jail, SWAT, lab analysis, record keeping, Dispatch, evidence storage and recording, animal control, vehicle maintenance, equipment maintenance etc.) at no additional cost since we are currently an unincorporated area of each county.  In addition, support for the officers (IT, HR, finance, legal, administrative support) are currently provided by the Counties as well.  

Crime rates in The Woodlands are generally quite low, but we must be constantly vigilant to observe trends or activity that could challenge that assumption.  We have a good working relationship with our law enforcement partners and based on recent resdient surveys, the population is generally pleased with the level of police protection in The Woodlands.  It is important that we maintain this financially responsible structure for delivering law enforcement for the residents and businesses of The Woodlands.  

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