Flood Mitigation and Drainage


In recent years, pockets of our community have been plagued with flooding issues.  This includes the Tax Day flood, Harvey as well as others.  Areas near streams and bodies of water are particularly prone to experience flooding, but as a MUD #1 Director, I have observed for myself the relationship between drainage issues and flood mitigation.  I have walked the drainage ditches and assisted in mitigating the flooding issues in MUD #1.

After two “extreme” rain events in the spring of 2016, the Township formed a task force to look at the flooding issues.  They recommended gauges on the area’s 3 streams to collect data and possibly be an early warning of waters rising.  After Harvey in the fall of 2017, the task force expanded its participants to again address the drainage and flooding issues and focused on obtaining federal dollars for the recovery.  The Task Force can and should do more.

While we had flooding in several areas of The Woodlands as a result of Harvey, Creekside Park was hit the hardest.  I spent time hacking out wall board and helping with flood victims in our community.  I was proud to be a part of the army of volunteers who assisted our neighbors and friends in their times of need.  However, it has been almost two years since Harvey and very little progress has been made towards improving the fundamental issues that caused the flooding in 2017.  We have spend over $1.4 million on an unwanted incorporation study and socked away $16 million in reserves.  Why was that a higher priority than correcting our flooding and drainage issues?

As a Township Director, I will utilize my experience and relationships with those concerned with  drainage to cooperatively establish a plan that can be implemented and will reduce the risk of flooding. I believe that The Township needs to take a more proactive role in this issue.

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