CISD Bond (November)


I believe that Township Directors and Candidates for Township Directors should take a stance on significant Conroe ISD, Tomball ISD and Magnolia ISD issues such as the CISD school bond.  Why?

Even though we have no direct authority over schools in The Woodlands, good schools are essential to the stability and vibrancy of our community.  The current opposition to bonds is misplaced and counter-productive.  CISD Bond Prop A is necesary to construct new schools in growing areas, to refurbish aging schools and to harden schools against new dangers.  CISD has been a careful steward of tax dollars and historically as well as currently, the tax rate is one of the lowest of comparable districts.  But if the November bond is defeated, it will put extreme pressure on the M&O budget.  

Almost 80% of the Township’s revenues are comprised of sales tax and property tax.  Both those revenue streams would be much lower if our schools began to falter and property values declined.  New and existing business decisions to come or to stay in The Woodlands often depend on the quality of the schools.

Both my son and daughter are products of the CISD schools.  In fact, my daughter currently works as a special education teacher in a CISD elementary school.  Unfortunately, her students must drill for active shooter incidents and saftey and security have become high priority in our schools.  While the bond materials suggest that $44 million is for safety and security projects, significant dollars in the $544 for new construction and renovations will also make our students, teachers and staff more secure.  For example, replacement of insecure portables and reducing the number of entrances at older schools has become more necessary than ever before.  New construction will contain additional security components as well.  Moreover, the Texas Legislature just mandated additional items such as full day Pre-K, which will require addtitional classrooms. 

In addition, CISD listened to the objections made regarding the May bond and responded.  For example, the Artificial Turf for the high schools who currently have natural grass was pulled out of Prop. A and is a standalone bond as Prop. B.  I wholeheartedy support Prop. A to adequately fund the growth, aging schools, and especially for the increased safety and security the bond will bring.  While I am less certain of Prop. B, I am persuaded by adequate arguments for the cost-effectiveness of turf, the increased playing time and the fairness or allowing all schools to play on the same surface.

Please consider voting for the CISD bond as well as for me, the Engaged Resident for Township Director No. 7.

Now, feel free to email me your thoughts at at or send me a note on the Contact page.  It has always been important to me to listen to my clients and YOU are my “clients”.  Let me know how you feel!