Walt Lisiewski – Engaged Resident

I have lived in this community for 30 years.  Together with my wife Louise, we have raised 2 children here and my daughter has returned with her husband to live.  My son and his family live in Ohio and look for ways to return to The Woodlands.  I am running to maintain our quality of life for the future of The Woodlands – and as an Engaged Resident, I have the experience to accomplish this for our future.

Walt Lisiewski

As Chair of the DSC (Design Standards Committee), and as a member of the Panther Creek RDRC, I have become very famiiar with our Covenants and Deed Restictions and the importance of maintaining those standards.

As a MUD #1 Director (2 terms), I have helped preside over the consolidation of 2 MUDs for the betterment of our water and sewer users. I have also become very aware of the drainage and flooding issues in our community that need to be addressed.

As a Board Member of the Panther Creek Village Association, I have been in tune with the residents’ opinions on law Enforcement, Governance, and topical issues.  I also appreciate the value of community participation and community spirit that flows from that involvement.  I have participated not only in my own village’s activities, but also volunteered at the the Flea Markets, 4th of July Parade, Insperity Golf Tournaments, Habitat for Humanity and in my church, St. Simon and Jude.

As a founding member of the Voter Awareness Council, I have encouraged and equipped voters to participate in evey election and to gather facts and make up their own minds about how to cast their votes. Unfortunately I cannot remain unbiased in this election and have resigned from VAC so that I can ask you for your vote.

As a Senior Executive at two well-regarded Engineering and Construction firms, I learned how to manage projects, clients, issues, budgets and people.  I believe that after 35 years in business, my skills will transfer well to the Township Board. 

Two other facts you may want to know about me.  I am a proud U.S. Navy Veteran and a proud grandfather to the two best boys ever.