Incorporation has no proven value.


After two years and more than $1.4 million dollars, we have yet to see any proven value of incorporating.  There is zero threat of annexation until November 2057 and thereafter, as of the passage of  2017 Legislation, the voters must consent to any proposed annexation.  Also, the initial trigger for incorporation planning was to stop The Woodlands Parkway extension.  Commissioner Riley provided a work-around so that the Parkway will not be extended across 2978 and we have since learned that even within city boundaries, a new city will not have exclusive authority for its roads.  Not only the State of Texas, but the counties have some authority within city boundaries.

As a practical matter, we have learned that there will be a significant property tax increase associated with incorporation.  This is necessary because law enforcement, most road maintenance and construction and animal control services will become the city’s financial responsibility upon incorporation.  In addition, new bureaucracy will be necessary:  Municipal Court system, City Manager, City Secretary, City Marshall, Fire Marshall and other offices.  Also, the city will collect pass-through franchise taxes from the utilities, who will collect those franchise fees from us on our monthly utility bills.  Higher taxes and more bureaucracy is not conservative, and is just plain foolish when they provide no enhanced value.

We will learn more details this fall, but based on what we know today, incorporation at this time makes no sense.  In the most recent resident survey to ask the quesstion, 70% of the residents have said they do not favor incorporation and even more (83%) have said they would not pay additional taxes to incorporate.  I agree with the residents.

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